State-owned enterprise of China

In 2016, China's urbanization rate reached 57.35%. With the continuous progress of urbanization in China, intelligent cities based on intelligent infrastructure construction have gradually become a powerful engine and important carrier for the sustainable development of urbanization.As China's first state-owned lighting company to participate in the construction of a global smart city, CECEP Latticelighting integrate efficient, intelligent lighting technology with IT, communications and digital applications such as the Internet of Things, sensor networks, open collaboration with eco-partners, dedicated to building data sharing for global cities, interconnected lights, interconnected thingsThe intelligent world releases the potential of the city, stimulates the vitality of the city, and promotes the progress of the world.

  • All things are interconnected
    Creating perception wisdom

  • Ecological polymerization
    Release urban potential

  • Efficient operation
    Activate city vitality

  • WiFi coverage

    -WIFI coverage service

    -passenger flow statistics, location heat map, historical trajectory, length of stay statistics, and visiting frequency.

    -management and marketing promotion

    -diversified Internet authentication methods(countdown video advertising, APP download authentication, WeChat and so on.)

    -Wireless Portal based on WiFiauthentication.

  • Traffic guidance

    Traffic guidance

  • Manhole monitoring

    Manhole monitoring

  • Intelligent parking

    -improving the utilization rate of roadpublic parking

    -Intelligent parking - parking booking,parking navigation, self service payment, automatic toll collection.

    -Information parking management - reducinghuman resources investment and strengthening parking management Efforts toincrease profits and generate revenue

  • Vehicle charging pile

    Vehicle charging pile

  • Video surveillance

    -Urban Management in scenic spots and commercial flourishing areas

    -Emergency Monitoring and processing

    -Sensor and camera interaction

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