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CECEP Lattice Lighting focuses on efficient energy conservation strategy. It keeps on investing on optics technologies, engineering capacity, program framework, standard and product devel-opment, etc. for building of a perfect lighting world. It devotes itself to more reliable and more intelligent efficient lighting technologies with higher performance, thus to create better experi-ences for users. CECEP Lattice Lighting keeps on increasing investment on foundation study and innovation to meet future demands. It has made several research achievements in hot and leading fields includ-ing smart lighting, Smart City construction assisting and so on with the hope to promote devel-opment of the industry and success of commercial mode by innovation and breakthrough of tech-nologies.

  • The silicon-based LED comes out

    As the main participant & practitioner for silicon substrate LED technologies, CECEP Lattice Lighting participated & completed the
    “silicon substrate high light efficiency GaN based blue light-emitting diode” project,
    which was awarded the ...

  • Keep on breaking through for higher efficiency

    On Nov. 06, 2017, as tested by Shanghai Institute of Quality Inspection & Technical Research (SQU) –
    one of the Cowboy series LED street light newly developed by CECEP Lattice Lighting had its entire lighting effect reaching up to 197.8lm/w, ...

  • Core updated, mind connected

    From imitating Lumileds k2 to CSP2121; from 90lm/w to 200lm/w; since 2009, CECEP Lattice Lighting has been keeping pace with the times,
    thinking what you think, maintaining market leading position in outdoor light source technology ...

  • Show you the reality, light the splendidness

    In 2017, based on the deep insight on problems such as the complexity of application environ-ment & maintenance cost,
    CECEP Lattice Lighting pushed out the future technology on lens - add cambered surface on surface of original lens; ...

  • Constant & steady driving to forge the solid quality

    Focuses on improvement of power driving efficiency & programmable output of constant pow-er; innovates integration;
    reconstruct driving platform with high-density coincide, safety, reliabil-ity & flexible output;
    solid quality drives ...

  • Intelligence covers the goal; simple policy to favor the public

    CECEP Lattice Lighting is the earliest enterprise participating in building smart city in China. The CECEP Lattice smart interconnected city lighting solution,
    together with the smart intercon-nected city multi-sensor node, is promoting the ...

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