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New generation LED solar energy street light product keeping pace with the times

The nowadays world is changing quickly, thus lighting products shall keep pace with the times. The whole series of lighting products of CECEP Lattice Lighting keep on optimum adjustment and innovation; strive to help you deal with new challenges and new demands, so as to convoy the building of livable city and smart city continuously.

Featured technologies

Solar energy LED street light series able to support continuous rainy days for 5 days & 1 night

Only with CECEP Lattice full smart street light that you can......


  • Loudi, Hunan

  • Solar street lighting project in Shanxi

  • Solar street lighting project in Hubei

  • 湖南娄底太阳能路灯项目

  • 山西行政村道路亮化项目

  • 湖北襄阳工业园太阳能路灯